The Goods


Many of our products are available daily at Revival Market in the Heights — you’ll find a variety of Cup|Cakes, cookies and bars…including Fluffernutters!


It’s not that we don’t love cupcakes, but we think it’s time to move on to the next… and the  cup|cake was born, think a slice of cake all in one cup.  We have recreated some of our favorite flavors in the Cup|Cake.  $48/dozen

Veruca Salt – devil’s food cake, salted caramel buttercream, pretzel crunch & crunchy pearls

Birthday Cake – funfetti cake, vanilla buttercream & cake crumbles

Strawberry & Lemon – brown butter cake, pickled strawberry jam, meyer lemon curd, strawberry crumbles & blond chocolate crunchy pearls.

Cakes: just a bigger version of the Cup|Cake

**Please note that cakes are a special order item and require a 48 hour notice.  Thanks!

small 6″ cake (feeds 6-8) $36
large 8″ cake (feeds 8-10) $46


Cookies, Chocolates and Bars
Fluffernutters $27/dozen
Hobnobs $24/dozen
SOLs (satellites of love or our version of a moonpie) $36/dozen
French Macarons (various flavors) $24/dozen
SHOs (Sugar Hooker Oreos) $36/dozen
Couch Potato $24/dozen
Gingersnaps $21/dozen
Chocolate Chip $21/dozen
Snickerdoodles $21/dozen
Coconut Macaroons $24/dozen
Black & Whites $27/dozen
Valrhona Chocolate Brownies $28/dozen
Gluten Free Friendly Fluffernutters  $36/dozen


Wedding Cakes to order

beginning at $ 4.95 per slice

Custom Catering and Plated Desserts

Available — Contact Us!